Camping Essentials

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In January and February I always start to really miss summer. It seems like the excitement for winter is starting to fade away and I am in serious lack of sunshine. Every summer we take a big team camping trip, and we meet up the night before at the store ( to pack the vehicles.  When we left on our camping trip last summer, it was really interesting to see what everyone packed.
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We ended up heading to Kelowna, Peachland and Pentiction this summer and had a great time. You can really get to know someone by seeing what they pack as essentials for camping. Some people came with nothing but a blanket and their wallet, to other people bringing a family sized suitcases and bags of extra supplies. People brought everything from hair spray to hunting knifes. I always pack pretty minimally apart from a weakness for brining technology to check my email daily. Here is a pick of my camping essentials (with some extra clothes thrown in the backpack).  For more info on our camping trip check the article in 33 magazine:

What are your camping essentials & favourite destinations? 

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