The Huf Footwear X Krooked Skateboards Sutter Shoe

huf shoes footwear sutter krooked colab brad cromer

We are very excited to be one of the few Huf Footwear dealers in Canada! It’s super exciting to introduce the brand to our stores by launching the Huf Shoes X Krooked Skateboards collaboration Sutter shoe. This is a Pro Model colour way for Brad Cromer who recently went pro for Krooked. This shoe is awesome because it’s joining two really amazing skater owned and operated brands (Huf Shoes & Krooked Skateboards) and it’s also giving one of the most stylish up and coming skaters a pro model. The Sutter is Huf Footwear’s most popular skate shoe right now, it has super slim cup sole with a long toe box that looks and skates really well.
Available Herehuf footwear sutter krooked cromer hufsutter2 hufsutter3 hufsutter4

Here’s Brad Cromer’s Pro Part for Krooked Skateboards

Available Here


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