New Electric 2015 Goggles

They are here! Our most popular snowboard goggles every year… the Electric EG2! Also reloaded on the 2015 Electric EG2.5 goggles that are always a hit! We are also excited to launch the first season of the Electric EG3 frameless goggles, these are destined to be our new most popular goggle from the response so far. View the full goggle line HERE.

snowboarding goggles canada ELECTRIC EGV GOGGLE BLACK TROPIC ele_egv_vco__46852.1412825863.1280.1280 ele_egv_tort__41830.1412826797.1280.1280 electric-egv-goggle-c-foam-bronze-green-chrome-lens-free-bonus-lens-2015 electric-egv-goggle-biohazard-bronze-blue-chrome-lens-free-bonus-lens-2015 ec5geg3bfbrd ec5geg3cbbrd ele_eg3_blktrop__12157.1412825641.1280.1280 ec5geg3bkbrd ec5geg25sdbpk ec5geg25nwjbk ec5geg25gwbsv ec5geg25gbbsv ec5geg2vcbsv ec5geg2hpbrd ec5geg2cbbrd ec5geg2btblk


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