Capita 2016 Snowboards Have Arrived!

All the latest and greatest Capita Snowboards have arrived! Scott Stevens, Volcom Snowboardsm Charlie Slasher, Horrorscop, Outdoor Living & Jess Kimura Pro with even more on their way!!! All our last years gear is also 40% OFF!! This is a great way to get CHEAP SNOWBOARDS that are also rad!!! COFTG 138 base COTG 138 DOA 154 DOA 158 DOA base 1 DOA base 2 HS 145 base HS 145 HS 149 base HS 149 HS 153 base HS 153 HS 157 wide base HS 157 wide Jess 146 Jess base Outdoor 154 Outdoor base 2 Scott 155 Slasher 161 Slasher base Vsiders 154 Vsiders base



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