Leon Karssen Clothing Is In Canada

We are super excited to bring the newest collection of Leon Karssen clothing to Canada! This stuff is super limited as we only get one order per season some great new T-Shirts, Keychains, Patches, Hats & More! Leon Karssen is a skateboarder from the Netherlands who has gained fame with the help of the internet.We’ve been a huge fan of this dude for a long time and he has a good head on his shoulders, working with lots great brands and supporting good causes.

Check the gear out here: http://shop.shredzshop.com/brands/leon-karssen/

12345578_10153529170774342_16831220066260088_n.pngtumblr_nm7e0fo5Cb1spht16o1_250.pngLeon Karssen Sick Ass Keychain Alien.pngLeon Karssen Sick Ass Keychain Cat.jpgShredz Shoo X Leon Karssen.jpgLeon Karssen Love the booty patch.pngLeon Karssen Fuck Off T-Shirt white.pngLeon Karssen Fuck Off t-shirt black.pngWATCHYOBACK.pngLeon Karssen Watchyoback t-shirt black.pngwatchyourbackblack-700x700.jpgLeon Karssen Style God T-Shirt.pngpinksuitwhiteshirtzoomed-700x700.jpgLeon Karssen Frayon Longsleeve shirt pink front.jpgLeon Karssen Frayon Longsleeve shirt pink.pngLeon Karssen Dad Hat BLack.pngLeon Karssen Dad Hat Blue front.png




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