Shredz Skate Team Youtube Clips

Our skate team has been busy for the last few years filming for lots of different video projects. We out together a bunch of their skate clips on our YouTube for you viewing pleasure!
Check them out below and subscribe here:

Here’s a bunch of skate clips from around Calgary & Vancouver. Here’s a playlist of a bunch of clips! Check below for some of my highlight favorites from our team!



Steve Graham Clips in Vancouver.

Wes Fleming with a line in Australia last year filmed on VX1000.

Lane Mosolf Front tail Bigspin Heelflip In Calgary from the Beerstorm 2 Video.

Levi Switzer Slams on a sketchy door setup on the Morley D.I.Y. spot “Jimside”.

Mason McConnel with a nose manual nollie tre flip out at CKE skatepark in Calgary. He did this first try then I missed it and he refilmed it twice so I could capture one on my phone.

Austin Jensen front tailslide at Huntington Skatepark in Calgary, Alberta.

Shredz Owner Sam Stuart with a Front Board Flip Out At the Girl Skateboards Headquarters skatepark in California. Steve Feeble.png


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